High Performance Cloud Server Hosting

Hostcorp has been providing dedicated hosted servers to the market since 2002. We have also built and operated a rock solid cloud server hosting platform since 2005, 13 years of experience in a rapidly evolving space gives us a unique perspective on what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to keeping your business online and performing 24/7/365.


We utilise a blend of our own trusted Hostcorp platforms with partner cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We maintain direct high capacity network interconnects to all major cloud operators so that cross cloud solutions operate seamlessly. We provide a single point of contact to provision and support complex solutions, making it simple for you.

Business VoIP Telephone Solutions
Business Connectivity Solutions
Locally Supported Customer Care
Website Hosting

From a single user small business - to thousands of phones in globally diverse locations- our VoIP solutions utilise the latest Cloud based VoIP PBX Systems to keep you in touch with your customers. Our VoIP solutions are fast to implement, and provide business efficiency improvements with significant smart cost savings.

We provide business connectivity solutions utilising the expansive networks of all major carriers across Australia and New Zealand. 

We offer Corporate Fibre solutions from 50Mbit to 100Gbit as well as Business Grade NBN (Australia), UFB (New Zealand), EFM, ADSL and 4G/4G+ Services.