Hostcorp and its team, established in Melbourne Australia, have been network engineers and operators since the late 90's. Hosting websites and e-mail systems for Australian businesses well before anyone had 'Broadband' Internet.

This has allowed us to evolve and become early adopters and providers of each new wave of technology. Back then, evolution meant bringing customers from 56K modem speed to 1500K ADSL speed internet lines to access their email and internet or company servers. These days we handle evolutions from 1Gbit Fibre to 10 or even 100Gbit Fibre for our customers (Thats 5,400 Modems worth of speed!) 

This exponential evolution in communications capacity has been also present in the server and networking equipment speed and capabilities. Early on, a powerful server could run one or two big websites. As we stride toward 2020, we see a fully populated server able to power over 50 sub servers inside them each one powering hundreds of websites. This scalability is by way of virtual servers. This, along with scalable management systems is the essence of 'Cloud Computing' that we all enjoy today.

Hostcorp has Cloud Computing and high end communications at its heart. We are passionate about the technology that facilitates internet based business. We truly get a kick out of supporting our clients through all their business endeavours, and witnessing what they are able to bring to the world with our technology and expertise behind them.

We have been trusted by some of the worlds largest corporations to build and operate their web server environments, many for over a decade. We are proud that many of our first customers from almost 20 years ago are still customers to this day. We work closely with our clients to achieve and exceed their requirements and expectations with fast turnaround, personal attention always and a business philosophy of continual improvement in all areas.


We are proud of our relationships with all of our clients, some of which are listed below: